• Phone:- Alkesh Patel :- +91-9327006046
    Ketan Patel :- +91-9825022180
  • Email:- hitechpaper@yahoo.in
  • The Rewinders are designed for precision slitting and rewinding job having high speed winding drums, maximum operating speed is up to 700 MPM.
  • M.S. Fabricated body with C.I. Slides & complete slitting arrangement. Optionally we provide Heavy Duty complete C.I. Body.
  • Pneumatically operated Rider Roll with complete slitting arrangement removing of wound Roll is done by pneumatically operated pusher Roll.
  • Uniforms tight winding of Rolls.
  • Clean & smooth surface of Roll.
  • Easy separation of slit Roll. (Without using wedges)
  • Easy and quick feeding of paper.
  • Rewinder is driven by D.C. / A.C. Variable speed drive.
  • For slitting arrangements we are provided pneumatically or Manually loaded knives

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