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    Ketan Patel :- +91-9825022180
  • Email:- hitechpaper@yahoo.in
  • It is the heart of a paper/board machine.
  • It controls stick flow, pickup on the felt part and is responsible for good single layer/multi layer formation & substance profile across the full web.
  • Designed according to Production requirements.
  • M.O.C of Cylinder Mould.
  • We also supply phosphorous/S.S./ Bronze spiders with bronze strips with 10 gauge S.S. wire wounding on request.
  • Tapered flow header for uniform velocity condition. Design type of Vat.
  • Counter Flow Vat- This type used for mainly in Board M/C & Slow Speed.
  • Uniflow Flow Vat- This type used for good formation of Craft board & duplex board.

  • Increase in formation pressure.
  • Shortening of the forming zone.
  • Reduction in the amount of water carry-over from the inside of mould.
  • Possibility of regulation the flow speed of stock suspension in forming zone.
  • Reducing the effect of centrifugal force.

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